Blitline Job

A Blitline job is an atomic unit of work on Blitline.

The only thing you can submit to Blitline is jobs.

Jobs consist of a chunk of JSON defining some operations you wish to perform.

A job consists of 4 primary elements:

  • application_id : Your Blitline application ID which you get when you sign up for Blitline
  • src : A image URL that will be the image you are performing your Blitline job on
  • functions : An array of operations (like crop, resize, etc) to be performed on this job.
  • v : Version number of API (current is 1.21)

There are many more options that can be added here, but these are the primary ones that should be added when submitting jobs.

So, the JSON to submit would look something like this:

    "application_id": "YOUR_APP_ID",
    "src": "",
    "v" : 1.20,
    "functions": [
            "name": "resize_to_fit",
            "params": {
                "width": 100
            "save": {
                "image_identifier": "MY_CLIENT_ID"

You would take this JSON and submit it via POST to http(s)://


You can use something like curl:

curl '' -d json='{ "application_id": "YOUR_APP_ID", "src" : "", "v" : 1.20, "functions" : [ {"name": "blur", "params" : {"radius" : 0.0,  "sigma" : 2.0}, "save" : { "image_identifier" : "MY_CLIENT_ID" }} ]}'

…or even our own Gist Runner: