FTP Requirements:

  • You MUST have an FTP server available to upload to.
  • You MUST have a username and password on the ftp server. Blitline will not do anonymous uploads.

Pushing to your FTP Server

In your Blitline job, you will need to add an “ftp_destination”. This “ftp_destination” needs to have the following children:

  • server : The name or IP address of ftp destination
  • directory : The subdirectory you wish to put the file into, defaults to ‘/’
  • filename : The filename of the outputted file
  • user : The user to log in to ftp server as
  • password : The password for the user

Here is a full Blitline job example, including a sample ftp_destination:

  "application_id": "YOUR_APP_ID",
  "src" : "http://www.google.com/logos/2011/houdini11-hp.jpg",
  "postback_url" : "YOUR_WEBSITE_URL",
  "functions" : [{
      "name": "blur",
      "save" : {
          "image_identifier" : "YOUR_IMAGE_IDENTIFIER",
          "ftp_destination" : {
              "server" : "ftp.welovecats.org",
              "directory" : "files",
              "filename" : "xavier_cat.jpg",
              "user" : "rbwilliams",
              "password" : "qrV429GHz"