Blitline Example Jobs

Kitchen Sink Example

The following is the stereotypical job JSON for handling images uploaded via web from clients where you do no control filetypes (such as photos from phones and cameras)

    "application_id": "YOUR_APP_ID",
    "src": "",
    "src_data" : { "colorspace" : "srgb"},
    "postback_url" : "http://YOUR_POSTBACK_URL",
    "wait_retry_delay": 5,
    "retry_postback" : true,
    "get_exif" : true,
    "v" : 1.20,
    "functions": [
            "name": "resize_to_fit",
            "params": {
                "width": 100,
                "autosharpen": true
            "save": {
                "image_identifier": "MY_CLIENT_ID"

Example Project

[Upload photos from a browser and process with Blitline. ](

This example just shows a quick sample rails project where the browser uploads directly to S3 and sends a job to Blitline.

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