AWS Rekognition

Blitline support for Amazons Rekognition Service. Through AWS Rekognition you get get valuable information about faces and items inside an image.

AWS Rekognition is able to identify (with a certain percent of accuracy) the items that are present inside an image

AWS Rekognition is also able to identify faces as well as information about the faces that are present in a image.

You can get this information from your Blitline processed images simply by adding “detect_faces” or “detect_labels” to your base JSON.

The resulting JSON will contain the metadata from AWS about those images.


Blitline will add +10 seconds onto any job that uses the “detect_faces” or “detect_labels” option in the json (or 20 seconds for BOTH). So, for example if your blitline job would typically take X seconds, but you added “detect_labels”: true, it would now be billed at X+10 seconds (even though it only took X seconds to complete processing).

How do I use it?

Just add the “detect_faces” or “detect_labels” option to your root JSON.

      "v" : 1.22,
      "detect_labels" : true,
                  "width": 400
                  "save_profiles" : true,

See an example here: